Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dum dum da dum

This is an account of what my wedding day will be like. 

To begin with, this is what I will look like. 

My body will have magically transformed to be like this. 

The invitations will be letterpress like this. 

On the day of the wedding, my hair will be tied up like this - simple and elegant.

My make up will be along the lines of this, with darker eyes and lighter lips. 

My wedding dress will be like this. 

These Christian Louboutins will adorn my feet.

I will wear this necklace...

...and these earrings.

I will carry these to protect myself from the rain. 

This clutch will hold my handkerchief and my lipstick. 

My bouquet will look like this. 

My bridesmaids will wear this dress in shades of ruby, emerald, garnet, blue sapphire and yellow sapphire.

The flower girls will be as adorable as this.

I will give my parents this right before the wedding so that they will have to start crying.

The church will look like this.

The reception area will look like this. 

The centerpieces will be like this. 

The menu will be printed out on these lace doilies.

Ron Ben Israel will make this cake especially for me and will fly it down himself. I will eat the whole cake all by myself.

Each guest will get this mini - cake as dessert, with their name printed on it. 

The wedding favours will be these cupcakes and these cotton candy boxes.

 We will leave in this car.

And go around the world in 80 days.

 And then we will live happily ever after in a castle by the sea.

All images via Pinterest.


  1. Liz you are making me nervous..especially about the church..

  2. wow! I wish you an amazing wedding and all that you have dreamed of... A few years down the line we begin to understand that its not so much about the wedding but more about the happily ever after ;)

  3. Hopefully, I will have a few more years to realize that Sarah :) He he. In the meantime I'm sure i'll continue to be silly. You should come for the wedding if you can! It will be in Bombay though.

  4. don't be silly, it's not going to rain on your wedding day

  5. How I wish I could! With such an imaginative bride, your wedding is gonna be the Event of the year... Has the countdown started? How many days to the D-day?

  6. Meg - If it does rain on my parade, I'll be all prepared. :)

    Sarah - Well, i hope more than ANYTHING that you are right. It's on Aug 31st... so around 80 days... Yikes!


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