Friday, June 24, 2011

Catch 22

This has fascinated the bejeesus out of me! 

Can you imagine that you can do this workout and burn off a piece of apple crumble in the time that it took for you to read this, or eat the apple crumble in the first place. (Assuming that it is true of course!) 

As you probably know by now, I love quick fixes and band-aid solutions and easier ways out. They lend all the purpose and meaning there is to my life. 

My life would be a problem mountain followed by a hurdle mole hill followed by a setback snake pit if it weren't for short cut problem solvers. It's manna for the lazy soul, really. 

Here is a video of the workout. 

Of course, the irony of this workout (and of my life) is that to do the exercises required in minutes, I will probably have to do months of hour long workouts and increase my stamina, because right now, I stand at 10 jumping jacks followed by huffing and puffing like the Magic Dragon. Not pretty.

So it's really a Catch 22 situation.


Maybe not, but kinda for sure.



  1. woah! this is good! though Im sure I'll pull a muscle trying to do that routine

  2. btw... u should try the surya-namaskar! Truly effective and good for you. Do it a couple of times in the morning, a few times in the evening and you will be as flexible as a gymnast (well.. almost)

  3. I'm too lazy to do anything. Thats the problem. Last year, I got so motivated by all this and went and did a month long yoga course in Dharamsala. It was awesome, but I haven't practiced it for a day after that! Do you do yoga?

  4. nah! I dont do it regularly... just surya namaskar once in a while when I feel stiff and old :P But I do 30 min of elliptical everyday. Though I need to watch a movie or some kind of entertainment in order to do it :)

  5. That's super disciplined! I used to go to the gym quite regularly before but now i get too bored. Maybe I should start doing the 4 min workout


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