Sunday, June 5, 2011

3 Things for a Sunday morn

1. Yesterday, I had the first exam for the M.Sc. in Psychology that I am pursuing - Advanced General Psychology. And there were a couple of words in the question paper that confused the nightlights out of me. One of them was 'redintegration'. I of course thought that this was a typo and wrote 500 words on 'reintegration' and all I could conjure up about it. Incidentally, 'redintegration' refers to 'the restoration of the whole of something from a part of it. In cognitive psychology the word is used in reference to phenomena in the field of memory. The everyday phenomenon is that a small part of a memory can remind a person of the entire memory. In contemporary memory research it is defined as "the use of long-term knowledge to facilitate recall."' Kill me. Kill me now. Take me to Mount Getsamane and throw me down!

2. Today I have a paper on Developmental Psychology. In the one hour that I slept last night, I kept dreaming that I had baby peacocks surreptitiously growing and running around in the house. They were cute and looked like mini versions of adult peacocks, with gorgeous feathers and everything. My mother kept feeding them oranges. Is the dream trying to tell me something about developmental psychology or should I call on Freud to explain this one?

3. I discovered that there is a girl called Axina Geo who is writing the exam along with me and that name has scared the bejeesus out of me as well. I feel sorry for the childhood trauma that she surely had to endure and I pray for the integration of her splintered soul. And when I told Thom this he said that he loved the name and that we should name our future child Axina. I also pray for healing for the childhood trauma that he had to endure that made him like this.

Blessed Be! 


  1. you sure have weird dreams! I mostly dream only about food. and what's wrong with the name ? Axina sounds like a nice one :) My brother had a classmate named Lighty and her sisters were named Bulby and Tubey :)) Their Dad was an electrician :)

  2. Hey I know this story! Was this in Corpus? There is also a digina and dangly. Please dont name your next child axina! there might be mean people in her life like me who might make fun of her.


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