Saturday, May 28, 2011

A tail from today

I was driving down the street today with a Bohemian Rhapsody in my head when in the distance I saw a big black cat with the greenest eyes standing by the side of the road gazing into eternity. I slammed on the brakes and turned of the ignition in a huff. I couldn't let this wily little creature cross my path and either ruin the rest of my day or make me go back home and begin my journey from the start. I started the car and started to inch forward. We had around fifty meters of hostility, fear and loathing to cover in between us. Our eyes locked; we cracked our knuckles and gave each other the upward nod as we inched closer to each other and to our destiny. The cat's steely gaze locked with my icy one and we courageously took up on each other's unspoken challenge. Come what may, we were going to meet head on. She stayed rooted to her spot as I got closer to her, but all the while taunting me with her power. I was ten meters away. And she had stood there, cold and unmoving, as if she had been reduced to stone by Medusa's gaze. My bravado was fast receding and had now puddled up as timidity and pleas of mercy around my ankles. But I couldn't let her see my terror, lest she mistake it for weakness and failing. My car had almost slowed to a crawl and my spirits flagged as I got closer to the most decisive moment there ever was. Will she or will she not, that is the question. And I almost crossed the danger zone when she gave me her most insidious smirk and darted across the road that lay ahead of me. And a split second later, I crossed the very same spot. The cat had won! I turned back to look at my formidable opponent in my rear view mirror. And there she stood staring back at me, her green eyes glinting with malevolence, a crooked sneer playing on her lips. They say that dogs believe they are human but cats believe they are God. In this case, maybe that is how the cat sealed my fate. 

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