Monday, May 23, 2011

Surviving India - Vol. 2

This is part of an educational series intended to familiarize the unacquainted with the ways, the whiles, the perils and the pleasures of surviving in this strange and wonderful country. And while India might not in reality be the mystical land of snake charmers, wicked witches and soothsaying cattle as it is purported to be, it is a land where we burst into song and dance on any whim and fancy.

For instance, when it starts raining, we start crooning.

When it stops raining after a flood, we do the tango.

To call in the rain after a severe drought, we sing the 'Amruthavarshini' or the 'Malhar' and when the clouds burst, we sing in praise and jive in thanksgiving.

When the dashing hero rescues the damsel in distress from the dastardly villain, she has to sing a song of sycophancy clothed in love and lust to him.

When the twins who were separated at birth get reunited post a lifetime of strife and sin, they have to do a jiggy wiggy to celebrate that.

It's the done thing here - the way of life.

And because Indian cinema is as real as disease, drought, dusky damsels in distress and dastardly brutes are,  you just need to look at our films in any of the 24 Indian languages in which films are made, to get proof of this phenomenon for yourself.

Cinema is real. Cinema is true. Cinema is honest. Cinema guides my conduct. In cinema I lay my trust.

So my point is thus: Don't even think of coming to India without learning to groove like this.

And if you ever get really into the political and administrative scene here and decide to become a cop, don't even think about enlisting yourself before you are able to do the below with adequate accuracy and panache.

If you don't believe me that this country is one ginormous Von Trapp family, check out any Indian film and see for yourself.

The End.


  1. rofl!!! This is so funny! love it! in fact love all ur posts!

  2. oh my god sarah! you make my day with every comment of yours! i can't say thank you enough number of times:)

  3. Love those videos! I will be putting some Indian music on my iPod so that I may shame the music with my horrific dancing. I will at least do it in the privacy of my home so no one has to witness such crimes.

  4. Ha ha! you know it. maybe I will join in some day and we could do a dance fest and make everyone go blind. that could be our superpower.


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