Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How my ex best friend (current frenemy) wrangled a wedding invite out of me

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from from Natasha after a hiatus of around half a year and this is how it went.

Natasha: Hi babe! How are you doing? I heard you were getting married! Congrats babe! That's awesome news. 

Me (quite pleased that she had even bothered to wish me): Thanks Natasha. I'm doing good. How are you doing? How's your job and stuff?

Natasha: I'm doing awesome. But listen. I gotta tell you something. I won't be able to come for your wedding. I will be busy that entire week. So sorry babe. I feel really horrible. 

Me (relieved that I wouldn't have to deal with the awkwardness of her realizing that she wasn't invited and then having to deal with a confrontation regarding that): Oh really, Natasha? I was really hoping you would come. Damn it! Why did you have to be busy that same week. So sad!

Natasha: Of course I'm kidding, babe! I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world. Thanks for inviting me. Be sure to send me the invite though. I tend to forget these things. Ciao! 

Too stunned to even think, much less muster a reply, all that resounded and echoed for a while after was the click on the telephone that signaled that the conversation had really occurred. 


  1. If I looked up the word "manipulative" in the dictionary, would I see a picture of her? That is insane.

    On the other hand, I have been trying to figure out how to wrangle an invite myself. I have this feeling that the food is going to be really awesome. Perhaps you could let me know how to contact her so that she could help me plot how to get invited? LOL!

  2. Oh, dear! Well, perhaps she'll be busy after all. Oh, did I send you my address for my invite? :) xo

  3. Ur friend (cum enemy) is a genius! I know a lot of instances where I can use this technique! And congratulations on your wedding, dear!

  4. Megs: Yes you would. It's her face right next to that of Hitler's under manipulative! And well, since she's already got an invitation, she doesn't need to do any more plotting! So she wont be of any help to you! :) Sorry. You'll just have to accept my invitation to you... Please come :) I promise you whatever food you want.

    G:) Of course you sent me your address and I already sent you the invite. Didn't you receive it? :) Please bring your invite when you come. Otherwise, you might not be allowed in.

    Sarah: Thank you. :) Please make sure you let me know if you ever do the above mentioned. And good luck!!!! you'll need it.


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