Saturday, May 14, 2011

Foresight exemplified

I am ashamed to admit how much this pictured delighted me, but the answer is 'very', not because I have any sort of contempt or disdain towards William, Kate or the royal family, but simply because things like this don't happen too often! I mean come on! Cinderella, of all the fairy tales in the world!

And I really wonder what was with Princess Beatrice's hat! It made the whole wedding worthwhile if you ask me. 


  1. haha the similarity is uncanny!
    and hey i quite liked princess beatrice's hat. dare i say it was the most interesting one at the wedding!

  2. oh of course it was! even i want antlers now! :)

  3. :)

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  4. :) Thank you for visiting and I am so glad that you did. :)


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