Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Agony and Ecstasy

I just got back from a long and much needed break from my life in Trivandrum (which is a break from my life in Bombay where I was working). Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, haven't you heard? They were talking about my life in Trivandrum when they said that. So I went to metropolitan cities Madras and Bangalore to visit my aunt and 3 of my very very good best friends for 2 days.

Ah, the thrill of big cities! There is nothing like the shiver that goes up your spine when you are almost hit by a bus when you attempt to cross a road and as you dodge it and breathe a sigh of relief, you are almost converted into roadkill by a flashy red BMW. (In Trivandrum, the roads are usually so empty that you can pull up a lounge chair and perform sun worship at leisure.)

And the pollution! One of the most awesome things in life is to be able to take a deep clean breath after being smothered and suffocated by a seemingly unending puff of sleek black smoke from a sleeker black Porsche.

That elusive and much awaited breath... that is the breath of life, I tell you. Few things ever feel so good. (In Trivandrum, there are so many more trees than there are vehicles and all the CO2 gets photosynthesized before they even come out of the sleek black Porsches.)

And the malls! Oh the pretty pretty malls! (There are no malls in Trivandrum, only shopping complexes. And there is nothing complex about these two shops at the most buildings.)

As soon as I landed in Madras, I dropped off my bags and went to the mall and the sight just took my breath away and the handsome security guard had to resuscitate me to bring me back to life. And then I went and ate junk food from 5 different places, namely McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and this ice cream place called Milky Way. (We don't get no junk food in Trivandrum. Y'all know that. We have to make junk food if we want to eat it. Otherwise, our diet consists of grass and grains, much like that of cows actually.)

After my body was sufficiently filled with crap and I felt a much missed bout of lethargy and sloth, I went to a few clothes stores and bought stuff to wear when I become size 0. (Fantasizing is my favourite hobby and indulging in it is my favourite sport.) Then I went to Landmark, the biggest chain bookstore in India, and read diet books and travel books for 5 hours. What a wasteful and redundant day! It was awesome.

The next few days showed an uncanny resemblance to the first day and my heart soared higher and higher each day. City living just replenishes me, as you can see. I love my life.

Now I would post photos of my beyond fantastic trip and the people that were in it, but I just can't find my USB cord. Do you also find yourself looking for the same things over and over again and you just cant seem to keep them in a place that you will remember? Do you also misplace your USB cord more often than you misplace your keys? Well, then you know the agony of it!

That's all for now folks! Ill catch you later! :) 

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