Saturday, April 23, 2011


'Spring' was the inspiration for the week over at Kristi's and Melissa's, but I live 8° North of the equator and the only seasons down here are the 'hot season', 'stew season' (when it gets so hot that you feel like you're being stewed in a pot) and the monsoons. And right now it's kind of all rolled into one big heat - rain medley. And that's what we call spring.

This is a picture I took last week when I went to my dad's house in the suburbia of the suburbia of the suburbia of Kerala. And I have already written tomes about the visit so I will refrain from an elaboration.

I have chosen this picture not only because technically it would represent the Indian version of spring and because it is beyond green, but also in protest to the weather.  

Note to the weather God: 'If you don't give me spring to shoot pictures of and post for Kristi's challenge, I will shoot pictures of spring like tendrils and post these pictures labeling it spring, and that's just going to make you look inept! This is a threat. Otherwise, next week, I will be forced to post the picture below.'

 The End


  1. What a beautiful image...I love the green and gold bokeh in the background! Thanks so much for joining us this week even though 'spring' doesn't seem to exist where you live. You're amazing! xoxo, K

  2. Oh my! Thank you so much! You make me happy when skies are grey! :)


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