Sunday, April 3, 2011

Responses I got when I told my friends that I am getting married

1. 'Again?' (This is not because I have been married before, but because I was supposed to get married last November, and I had to call that off because Micheal Jackson told me to. And then he gave up and died on me, so I decided to get married. Again.)

2. Oh no! Are you sure? You're giving up so easily? You're so young! (I'm 26) At least don't have kids till you're 40. (Oh well, at least he was concerned. But I'm rethinking asking him to be my man of honour. Might not help with my serious case of cold feet and clammy palms.)

3. 'Oh you're getting married? Where?' 'In Bombay', I respond, which is my friend's city as well. 'In Bombay is it? Well, I expect royal treatment for it then!' (Yes, you megalomaniac! The reason I turned my life upside down, changed my wedding date as well as the venue, and found the strength to start the process all over again is so that I can ensure that you can receive royal treatment.)

4. Oh ho ho ho ho he he he he he.... (on and on for about 4 minutes, after which I hung up my phone. I can still hear laughter ringing in my friend. I am unsure whether it's my friend all the way from UK or whether it's the port wine from Goa that I'm still drinking)

5. 'Wait. Is Thom sure? I mean why would he want to do that?' (Well, I don't know. He may be criminally insane. But your loyalty just fills me up and gives me wings!)

6. 'Oh really! And you never told me this! That's so awesome!' (I met this girl precisely 5 minutes before this conversation happened.) 'I am gonna help you plan this wedding. I'll be like your....' (she thinks for 20 seconds) ' planner! We're gonna have so much fun! Woo hoo!' (And that is how she made her inviting herself to my wedding the least of her crimes.)
10 minutes later, she is still thinking. And then she asks, 'How come you never told me you were getting married? I had no idea!'

7. ' please talk to my husband and tell him to let me come for the wedding!'(Please remind me to have a detailed conversation with her before I get married and completely figure out the details of the marriage model that she follows so that I do exactly the opposite of that!)

8. 'Oooooh! Shopping! Can I come?'

Next time, I'm sending people an email invite with a message attached that says,  'RSVP Yes or No.', with no options for another reply. No words needed.

Yes, I said next time. And I mean, the next party, not the next time I plan to get married! Jeez!


  1. haha weddings sure bring out the meddle-some side in people!
    congrats btw! :)

  2. tell me about it! i'm still reeling from the shock of it.


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