Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Resentment

My mother is the only person I know who enjoys food more than I do. I deeply resent her for stealing my thunder on this one. Food's like.... my territory, you know... She shouldn't be able to enjoy her food as much as I do! It makes her the 'foodie' of the family, a title I covet more than the crown jewels.

Also, she has more shoes than I do and still wants to steal all of mine away. Same with purses and clutches and bags and wallets. Same with mobile phones. Same with clothes. Same with bangles and chains. Same with make up. Same with the blanket when I sleep on her humongous bed with her. (Cover hog!)

How bout we exchange all our possessions since you love mine so much and I'd be content with the insane amount of stuff you possess, huh mommy!

Man! I sound like a puberty angst ridden 13 year old! 

Note to self: Must. Move. Out. Must. Get. Life. Pronto.

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