Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm the Queen of Lotions and Potions

The secret of my beauty is thus:

(I know there isn't much beauty to speak of and I would never preach to anyone who has seen me in real life, but I feel compelled to state this here.)

The kitchen!!!!!

Whenever I cook, (and I'm constantly making something or the other), I just plop a part of that onto my skin.

For instance, today I made a Dal with tomatoes, and because I find it much easier to squish tomatoes into pulp than to actually chop them, after I was done, I just wiped my hands on my face instead of washing them!

Just kidding. Or maybe not. But do take one piece of your neatly chopped tomato and massage your face with it in circular, upward motions and let it dry before you wash it off. A refreshing glow will be yours to call your own before you know it.

If you're done with dinner and you're making green tea for dessert, take a steeped green tea bag, snip it open and use the contents as a face pack. You can even add honey to it if you want! Imagine how sweet you will look after you finish!

Same works with oranges, honey, milk, yoghurt, cream, mayonnaise (for the hair), apples, pappaya, watermelon, cucumber....the list is kinda endless.

But if you feel the urge to scrub off the dead epithelial cells from your face with a grater, I say that's where you draw the line, even if your mischief ridden kid brother promises to wash the dishess for a month in return for letting him experiment this on your skin. Trust me. This one is tried and tested! And the adage 'No pain no gain' is absolutely not applicable in this regard.

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