Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go figure!

I just sprained my jaw while I was eating. Does that even happen? Or did God finally decide to take control of my diet life and decide that I NEED to stop gobbling up whatever I get? Whatever said and done, now I am unable to take anything more than baby bites of mashed up food. The ironic thing is that I was eating a carrot when this happened. God has a really weird sense of timing, I must say. Or the world moving too fast even for him and he gets his timings all wrong as a result.


  1. When I got my wisdom teeth removed I ate nothing but Jello for a week. WHAT AN AWFUL WEEK!!

  2. Oh the same thing happened when I got my tonsils removed and ate icecream for 2 weeks staright. I still can't eat icecream without a deja vu of ice cream overdose! Eeeeks. Makes my skin crawl when I think about it!


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