Sunday, April 24, 2011

26 turning 18

Today I discovered that Thom does not know when my birthday is. (To be fair, he knew the birth date and month but not the year. But that's still atrocious and ridiculous and obnoxious and unpardonable all rolled into one.)

However, the implications are twofold.

One, that I will always always always have leverage against him.

Two, that I can claim to be in my twenties way into my thirties and in my thirties way into my forties and Thom can never refute!

Aren't all you women jealous that my boyfriend's so awesome? I sure am a lucky 18 year old.


  1. My older sister is 5 years older than me. I constantly have to check with her on how old she is claiming to be so that I never end up older than her. For awhile, when people asked my age, I would respond by saying I was 5 years younger than my older sister. No actual age. Just younger than her.

  2. See its perfectly normal..i told you

  3. Lol! That's ingenious. I am 5 years younger than.... Miley Cyrus? God, she's so lame though. I am 18 now but I think I wanna be 23 forever, 23 is a good age. And I have 5 years to get there.


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