Sunday, April 17, 2011

10 reasons why I should start a restaurant

1. I can get whatever food I want whenever I want. And the food will be made for me by gourmet chefs!

2. I may be utterly wrong about this, but one of my mother's friends has a restaurant and all I have seen him do is loll around the kitchen snacking, loll around the dining area talking to customers and have elaborate dinners on the table with a whole load of his hooligan friends. And the restaurant does really well. Like I said, I am sure that this is not what would actually happen, but if it is.... not to shabby for Lizzie.

3. It's the ultimate tribute to food to have a restaurant, be able to learn and experiment with food and serve the millions that would go hungry otherwise.

4. I could feed another million by donating my food to those who need it everyday.The million will just have to think of food and say 'Abracadabra', and there I'll be with cartloads of the stuff..

5. I can start selling my tomato jam. I think my calling in life is to start selling my tomato jam. It is that awesome.

6. If I don't start my own restaurant, I will have to do some other job, and I would rather shrivel and faint away than do 'just another job'. Ugh!

7. Work travel would entail me going around the globe and eating food made by the best chefs in the world. Imagine getting to eat Heston Blumenthal's grub and tell me if it's not worth the effort!

8. If there is someone I don't particularly like, I can lure them to my restaurant on the pretext of feeding them and actually give them sneeze muffins and dust doughnuts. What an exciting prospect!

9.  I will never have to cook what I don't want to cook but want to eat. In fact, I'll never have to cook again when I don't have to. I can just get it made at my restaurant. Ha ha!

10. I can get whatever food I want whenever I want. Period

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