Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The week that was

Undoubtedly, the week that passed was a testament to the unpredictability of life and the immensity of the joy that can be in it if you just probably stop thinking, reasoning and planning.

So last Tuesday, I boarded the train at the unearthly hour of 7:00 AM from my city, Trivandrum, to go to Cochin, 5 hours away, to meet one of my bestestestest friends, Suey, and spend a day with her. She has been in Dubai all this while, and has now come down to India to find a job for herself and start a new life. She was in Cochin for 5 days because her bestestestest friend Sun, (whom I had never met), was getting married. And being from Dubai, Sun had prepared pretty much nothing for the wedding and therefore, Suey's help was critical. So I planned to meet my darling girl, remain as unobtrusive as possible for a day, and then head back home to my life of mangoes, martinis and manicure sessions. (Did I tel you, I love my life!)

Suey and Sun's brother met me on a sidewalk, enveloped me into this giant warm hug, commented on my small backpack and how small it was for a girl, and then took me to this awesome restaurant where we ate lunch.

And we were still doing that at out third food pit stop when Sun walked in with her suave 'investment banker from UK' fiance. (For the record, at the restaurant, she had a bottle of mineral water and he had a double of a double espresso. Food choices absolutely reflect your statement of mind, I believe. Don't ask me what I ate if you don't want to hear 'Double Walnut Brownie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Rich Chocolate Cake and Irish Cold Coffee' as the answer.)

Then she told me, 'Oh by the way, you are invited for the wedding. I hope you can be there.' I think my exact reply was, 'Mmmm Bop' (Yes, much like the weird pop song by that name by the Muppets or the Muffets or some such thing.) Then I think I told her that I would go back and then return the next day because as she could see, I had no clothes on me except for the next day. And we left it at that. I didn't really plan to come and of course, I assumed that she invited me to be polite.

But over the next 4 hours we became the thickest of friends... thicker than a Snicker... thicker than a thicket.... that's how Sun and me were. And I decided that I had to stay for her wedding, come hail or hell fire.

So I stayed. And I helped. And I stood by 'Best Girl' Suey as she performed the most important task of her life till then - helping Sun glow. (Maybe I'm going overboard with this now.) The next three days went by in a whirl of parties, shopping for the bride and shopping for me. I needed a complete wardrobe for three days and the entire outfit replete with shoes and jewelery for the wedding.  And we did it. Everything was ready by 6:00 PM, the day before the wedding the next morning.

The wedding was in a beautiful resort by the lake and we ate and sang and posed for pictures for all and sundry because we were so good lookin' and everyone wanted to take pictures of us! (Let me have my delusions, ok?)

In retrospect, the whole thing was insane because while I have been the bridesmaid for 3 weddings before and about 10 of my closest friends have been married, this was the wedding I was most involved in, in terms of helping the bride get ready for the wedding and the events that surround it and hanging out with the family and her the entire time. And I knew her for precisely two and a half days before that. I also met a whole bunch of people that I probably will stay friends with the rest of my life, which is more than what I can say about the last 10 months of my existence.

And this is when I feel that life is strange. And that life is wonderful. And that there is nothing quite like the thrill of its unpredictability.

I may be crazy for doing this. Maybe no one else in my place would have stayed on in Cochin without any clothes or agreed to go for a wedding of a near stranger with a bunch of near strangers. But if there is such a page called 'Unforgettable' in the notebook of my life, this wedding would be listed on that page. That's more than what I can say about the more sensible things I do.

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