Monday, March 14, 2011

Ramble and Rant and Rave and Restrain...

I sometimes wonder whether my veneer is just a facade, even to myself. Whether my words are just to lull my own self into submission, or at least to suspension. I sometimes wonder whether my proclamations of how awesome this world is, is rendered invalid by my curses for it. I sometimes wonder if the only way I can exist credibly in such a manner is by giving myself a label that says 'contradictory.' Is such a label essential? Why don't I remember the awesomeness of the universe when I am only reminded of the wretchedness of it; the agony of it. If something is true, shouldn't it remain so? Isn't the awareness of this truth the basis of  any kind of spiritual transcendence? Doesn't me backsliding on this every single time denote how far away I am from achieving awareness of the permanence of change, the impermanence of everything else and the fluidity of it all? Knowledge is one thing, but knowing is entirely another. I want to know that just because something is, does not imply that its reverse isn't. This knowledge alone will not suffice.

Title Courtesy: H


  1. I'm flattered by the title choice :)

  2. I couldn't think of anything else and when I thought of this, I couldn't think of anything more perfect. Thank you :)


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