Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Note from the universe

You know what the universe said to me today? That we have highs in our live to remind us that we can all bounce back quickly from tragedies. And I can't think of a truer statement that would sum up the essence of life itself. When you look at the world with this knowledge, suddenly everything seems untainted and spanking new.


  1. every time i read your blog,it brings a smile to my face!
    keep up the good work,and keep posting such thought provoking posts <3


  2. That is the sweetest thing to say! And I thought that sweet men were a thing of the past! I have taken a snap of your comment and saved it for posterity :)

  3. haha we are a rare species!
    thanks for all your lovely comments!they really do make my day :)


Thank you so much for being here. You must know that I love reading your comments more than I love the idea of baby bunnies eating frosted cupcakes sitting atop a cloud. They make me happy when skies are blue, yellow, pink or grey. ♥