Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Ultimate

Oh my god, just look at this lamp! It's the most beautiful thing that I ever saw. I want it so bad I would walk all the way to the shop to just see it and touch it and hold it and take it home with me to keep under my quilt forever. I want it as the centerpiece on all the tables at my wedding. I want it as my cake topper. I want it in every room in the new house I'm going to live in after getting married. In fact, I want no electric lights; I just want these lanterns all over. I feel bliss just thinking about it.

 If you want it, go buy it. You don't even have to walk anywhere, actually. It's available online at Pacha Design. And as for specifications, it is made of plant fiber and skeleton leaves and is treated with a fire retardant. And each lantern comes in a little box with a tea-light & care instructions. Is that convincing enough for you? 

Or you could just try and make your own, but good luck with that. 

But get it either ways, because now that I have seen the ultimate acquisition, life without it just does not seem worth it.

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