Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hotel Hopping

The most awesome thing that I did this week was going to The Leela Hotel in Kovalam, the most awesome beach in the most awesome state (Kerala!!!) in India. This property stands on a cliff overlooking the ocean and is absolutely gorgeous throughout the year. So my H for the week cannot be anything but 'Hotel'.

This is a picture from the balcony, and because it is at a height (H), you can see not only the flower trimmed terraces of all the rooms in the hotel, but a large part of coconut palm carpeted Trivandrum as well. I sometimes can't believe that I live in a place that is as beautiful as this. Yesterday was a day, with a lot of such moments.

H also stands for how hungry I was as I waited for this Mediterranean Pizza to arrive.

Here is another less than perfect picture of the hotel, with a view of the ocean.

Kerala has been renamed paradise and God's visiting next week. Won't you join in?


  1. The sea is stunning.
    I can't wait to go!

  2. It really is! Btw, which part of India are you from?


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