Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Roll

One of the best things that I have ever ever done, ever, is starting this blog, not because I love doing it,  but because of the amazing world it has opened up for me. Every time, I chance upon a new blog, I am awed. Every time I read a new post by some of my favourite bloggers, I am awed. I am amazed at how much talent, passion, joy, hope, sincerity, love and integrity there is in this world. I am awed by the niceness and courtesy that these bloggers show each other. It is a microcosm of what the real world should be like.

I have a long long way to go and I know I have a lot many bloggers yet to discover that will change my world, but as of now, these are the blogs that I don't know what I would do without anymore.

My Favourite Photographer: Georgianna Lane
My Favourite Artist Blogger: Dinara Mirtalipova
The only Blog I have read from start to finish and have still wanted more: life through the lens
My Favourite Food Photography: What Katie Ate
The Fashion Blogger whose word is gold for me: The Sartorial Diary
The Sweetest Blogger: Tatter Beans
My Favourite Baby Photographer: Annie Sullivan
The Funniest Blog: Better off Wed
The Blog I would go to for recipes: The Pioneer Woman (Mostly because only she cooks with the most basic of ingredients that can be found in small town India.)
The Blog with the prettiest of things: Una Bella Vita
My Favourite Portrait Photography: Divas and Dreams
The most touchingly sweet Blog: Matt, Liz and Madeline
The Blogger whose life I want to lead: David Lebovitz
The Blogs I discovered today: Alternate:Words and Ramble and Rant and Rave and Restrain

These blogs seriously make my current life worth it, and are probably the biggest reason why I am still in one piece and staying put at home without a job. It's an awesome world as long as these writers continue to be in it.


  1.'re so sweet for having written that!!
    and you're officially the sweetest blogger in my books!
    and you're right blogging really does open up a whole new world for you,it's great to see how motivated and passionate people are about what they love!
    keeps lazy bums such as myself in order!

  2. I'm just giving praise and thanks where it's due. :)

  3. I'm very very very glad you featured me on here!
    You're adorable.
    And I'm LOVING discovering your blog :D

  4. H - Yaaay! You're adorable too you know! And I read a lot of your blog yesterday and I love reading it! I don't know if you saw all my comments! :)

  5. Thank you so much!!! I'm really touched and must say I absolutely love, love your blog. I look forward to reading all your posts as soon as I finish up some projects this weekend. You are a bright star. hugs. – g

  6. Thank YOU so much Georgianna! It's very very very sweet of you to say that!

  7. Thats really strange I read this post a few days ago ..and left a comment..did blogger eat it?
    Anyway I said something like this....
    Thank you..Im not sure I am that sweet...maybe ask my children after Ive paid them both $5.
    Thank you I am really touched that you thought of me in your blog roll....

  8. Tatter Beans - Pssst! You are not supposed to let out to the blog world that you are actually paying me also, along with your kids, to call you sweet! How will we get out of this one huh?!!! :)

    Blogger thinks you're sweet too. Blogger ate you up! (Sorry. You know that my sense of humour is really lame right? :)) Take care, Rachel. :)


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