Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another typical conversation between Thom and me

Me: Hi Thommy. Wassup?

Thom: Wassup?

Me: Nothing. I woke up and I checked my mail and my blog and then I called you.

Thom: Hmmmm.....

Me: What you upto?

Thom: Work. Work....

Me: Do you have a lot of work?

Thom: Mmm hmmm....

Me: I think I'm coming down with fever.

Thom: Hmmm....

Me: I have a sore throat and I can see stars dancing in the horizon when I sway my head in a circle.

Thom: Hmmm....

Me: Maybe I should start on medicines just in case?

Thom: Why so?

Me: Thom, I just told you that I think I'm getting fever and that my head hurts.

Thom: Hmmm... Yes yes.

Me: Thom, you never listen and you're always so distracted. I don't know why I even tell you things.

Thom: Of course I am listening to you, darling! Why would you think that?

Me: Ok. So tell me what the last thing I said is.

Thom: That I am always distracted?

Me (gritting my teeth): Ok.... So tell me what I said before that.

Thom: That I never listen?

End of conversation. Clearly there is nothing left to be said.

The next sound heard in the universe is that of a frog leaping to its death in the Dead Sea.


  1. uhmm interesting conversation! :P


  2. uhmmmm...thats more your style is it?

    :P right back at ya :)

  3. I'm guilty of being like this and I can imagine how you feel, my girlfriend HATES it!

  4. H: Oh at least youve figured it out that it pisses her off. You're leaps and bounds ahead of all the other men I know ;)


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