Friday, March 4, 2011

10 pieces of arcane information about me

1. I sometimes think that someone has cast an evil spell on me. At the very least, I am convinces that i am jinxed. Everything I touch turns into sawdust or iron filings or sometimes even lint.

2. I'd rather have a pillow to hug than a pillow under my head when I sleep.

3. Today, I cried when I watched 'How I met your mother'.

4. I love my brother more than anyone else in this world. This is most because I have always felt this insane urge to protect him from hurt. Now that I cannot protect him, the emotion is getting transformed to love. It is strange because I didn't love him as much when he was a baby.

5. In my life, I have been the most affectionate and unconditionally loving towards my dog, Nikki.

6. I have nightmares every single night. I look forward to them because I am always curious to know what will happen. It is akin to how we voluntarily watch horror movies, knowing that we will get scared, only because we are curious.

7. I absolutely love learning new words but I hate using them with people who don't know them. It makes me really uncomfortable and almost guilty that I know them and they don't.

8. I drink water from my cup or bottle only with a straw. I avoid plastic using like plague otherwise.

9. I stopped sucking my thumb only when my grandmother told me at the age of 4 that otherwise, my hands would look like those of the wicked witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

10. Today I drank 1 liter of coffee and ate a bowl of cornflakes. That's it.

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