Thursday, February 17, 2011

A woman named Mercedes

Mercedes Fittipaldi is my find of the day.

I know nothing about her because all her writing is in a foreign language (excuse my ignorance), but in her Flickr profile, she says she is from Argentina and that she currently is in EspaƱa, so that's a clue!

I have been obsessing about her the whole day.

I have combed through her website thrice over and have 'favourited' almost all her pictures in Flickr.

I have scoured the web and saved all the pictures that are saveable.

I feel so content now that I think I am ready to die!

There is no picture that I want to post here that I think would represent or do justice to her body of work.

Each is better than the preceding work whether you go in forward or reverse order.

Check out her Flickr stream and you be over awed.

Check out her website and you will fall in love.

Search for her images on google and you will feel that your life has been fulfilled.

How is it that some people are able to work magic with the same material available to one and all?

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