Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To utopia and back

It was at around this time yesterday that I got back from my week long sojourn to Goa, the land of sunshine, served surfside. Now Goa is my utopia. All day long, all the kind people of Goa and the sojourners like me do are lie on the beach, soak up some sun, drink a beer or two and eat till the heart's content. Everyone's nice and merry and jolly and high. ALL DAY LONG. And all's well and good while you're there. But once you leave, my, what a hangover! I'm still walking around feeling the sun on my skin, the sound of waves breaking in my ears and the image of  palm trees on white sand covering my vision. And the velvety port wine that I picked up from there that I keep gulping every 10 minutes hasn't helped either. Goa is my kind of paradise for sure.

This is my third trip to Goa, and amazingly, every time I have been there, there has been one standout discovery for me or the other. Of course, the first time round, every thing was new for me - the Bebinca (the classic 20 layered 40 egg cake), the plentitude of meat and fish cooked in magnificent and mysterious ways, the ubiquitous 'Kings' beer and the quintessential laid back spirit ('sossegado')  that permeates everyone and everything.

And the last time I was there, I went with my girls and  we discovered this purportedly Israeli but completely Indian dessert called 'Shalom Malka' or 'Hello to the Queen'. This is basically a divine concoction of powdered biscuits in melted butter, bananas, chocolate ' butterscotch sauce, cashew nuts and vanilla ice cream. Heaven in a bowl! And it was love at first bite.

This time though, it is the Recheido Masala that has got me hooked. I first ate this in a dish of prawns, and from then on, everything I ate had Recheido on it. Except when the restaurateurs didn't even know what it was, which happened surprisingly a lot. Recheido Masala has everything the flavour addict in me looks for - it is smack in the mouth full of spice and tang and its fiery red hue supplements the taste. Finger lickin', plate lickin', chef kissin' good!

And I didn't know what withdrawal symptoms felt like until I went two days without the Recheido sauce. Oh well! At least there is more wine in my fridge for now!

And now for some pictures....

This is all the alcohol we drank in Goa

Between Palolem, the beach we stayed at and Agonda, the gem of Goa according to Lonely Planet. Picture taken in 1962 by me.

The embodiment of 'sossegado' and my new found friend.

Agonda Paradiso

Stuck somewhere in the 1960s and a cross between a veritable fisherman's village and a modern beach destination is Colva beach

Parasailers at Colva. My friend Indu says that parasailing is like sitting on a chair in the sky, and I so agree!

Agonda Beach

Sunset at Colva

Drying Fish. Eeeeeks!

Boat at Colva. Picture taken in 1962 by me.

Sunset for two

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