Saturday, February 19, 2011

Things I wish to change about myself

1. I wish to sleep early and wake up at the crack of dawn after completing a complete 9 hour cycle of nightmareless, waking up kicking, screaming and shouting - less sleep.

2. I wish to crave exercising. I wish for it to be a need, much like my current need to be on a constant supply of Benadryl.

3. I wish to be less lazy. I wish to love cleaning up and be less of a pig that I possibly am today. I wish that I would resent being called a piglet by my parents.

4. I wish to be more meditative. I wish to be able to calm my mind in a second and then hold that one thought, even if the one thought is of Benadryl.

5. I wish to not always self - medicate but get off the couch and go to a doctor when I need to.

That's it. I'm pretty perfect otherwise I think. ;)

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