Monday, February 21, 2011

Honey honey!

If I had to give God an award for the most inspired food stuff that he conjured up, it would undoubtedly be for honey.

Think about it.

Honey is actually nectar from these gorgeous living things called flowers that honey bees gather up and do their magic on. And then we get to lay our hands on it and do what we please with it! What a creative, brilliant plan. (Of course, except from the point of view of the honey bees., I would imagine.)

And the double whammy is that it tastes so divine. And its sweet! Like sugar, only better! (The way I see it, honey has got its history, chemistry, biology, physics and geography down pat!)

Thom gave me a pot of honey as a Valentine's Day gift last year (I know. He knows me so well!) and eating a spoonful of this is the highlight of my day. I even eat up all the ants that fall into my yoghurt when I try to pour the honey. I cant bear the though of wasting even a drop. And every time I lick my honey soaked fingers, I marvel at the taste.

How did God come up with the taste? How did he make something taste good. And how is something so delicious so good for you? It defies all laws of nature. What got into God when he made honey, I wonder. And why couldn't he apply the same rules when he made milk chocolates and coffee icecream!

But if honey ever comes up with an autobiography, I'll be the first one to order a copy. I want to know its secrets.

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