Wednesday, February 2, 2011

For the week of Jan 29th - Feb 4th, here is my list of places to go to before I die.

But first, a recap.

1. Library Way, New York
2. Ladurée, Paris
3. Hotel Sacher, Salzburg and Vienna
4. University of Oxford
5. Liège, Eastern Belgium
6. Cherry Blossoms in Japan
7. Antarctica
8. Aurora Borealis
9. Magnolia Bakery in New York
10. A Souq in Baghdad, Iraq
11. elBulli, Spain
12. Skydiving anywhere

And now for the next three.

13. Chandor, Goa, India

The Library at the house of Chandor. It is the biggest private library in Goa.

The visitors' salon has floor tiles from Portugal and windows with glass panes from Venice.

The house has a 28-window, two-storey facade and flanks the full length of one side of the village square. It was originally painted in an elegant cream because white is reserved for churches in Portuguese tradition.

Chandor is erstwhile capital of Goa and its claim to fame is the beautiful traditional Goan houses from the Portuguese era, replete with paraphernalia from the time. I was all set to go there during my last trip to Goa but things didnt work out quite that way and now it is definitely on my list of things to do.
The pictures above are that of the Braganza Mansion. I can only imagine what it would be like - a palatial mansion shrouded in mist and lush green trees. And to think that people actually lived like that once upon a time!

14. Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia


I have heard of Hillsong in the context of the beautiful music they produce, but recently, my friend Ro told me that she goes to Hillsong and that it is beautiful. And ever since then, I have been wanting to go to Sydney and go to the Hillsong church on Sunday morning.

 Awesome, ain't it! Looks like a Guns and Roses concert hall.

Nothing like a good praise and worship session to get your spirit going. And I really miss a church that can do that!

15. Disneyland, California, USA

This is for the child that still lives who was obsessed with all things Disney and Mattel. It's as simple as that.

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