Monday, February 21, 2011

Dreaming is like watching TV in your head

You wanna know what's really weird?

I woke up today with this sentence ringing in my head "Dreaming is like watching TV in your head. But lucid dreaming is when you have the remote in your hands too!" And I repeated it a few times in my head to commit it to my memory, made a mental note to myself that I need to write this in the blog and then went right back to sleep and repressed all memories of it until a minute ago when the sentence suddenly cropped up in my brain. Out of oblivion. I don't know where these sentences came from, because it's not like I read it sometwhere, but I sure seem to be much more literary in my sleep than in real life.

And if you think this is strange, let me tell you about these two recurring dreams that I've been tortured with of late. If dreaming is like watching TV in your head and lucid dreaming is when you have the remote in your hand, recurring dreams are like the sound from broken record that no one bothers to fix but is constantly playing.

Recurring Dream 1: I am in the train station, waiting to catch a train to go somewhere really far away. My bags are already in the train and I am waiting for the sounding horn so that I can hop on the train right before it leaves. Suddenly the train starts to move and before I can get on, it starts moving way too fast and I am unable to get on. And this goes on for a many many dream minutes because the train is infinitesimally long and I am not getting the hint and giving up trying. And then I wake up.

Recurring Dream 2: I am in a restaurant or a party and someone hands me this delicious looking piece of dessert made of really exotic ingredients such as Madagascar plums or Chantilly cream or Lavender infused chocolate mousse with raspberry cream or.. (you know I could really go on here right?!!!) and I look at it lustily and can't wait to devour it crumb by crumb. And I bite into this piece of delectableness (delectability?) and find that there is no flavour. I have lost the sense of taste! And I try again and noting! I then go mad and try to gobble down all the food that I see, hoping that something will titillate my tastebuds. But to my dismay, I can't taste anything. I have lost my most cherished gift! And then I wake up.

I wonder what Carl Jung would say about these!

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