Tuesday, February 15, 2011

D for Doggie

It's way past monday and I'm late for Tatterbeans' 'The ABC'.

Note 1: Now that A, B and C are over, I wonder if she will start calling them D mondays or E mondays and so forth :)

Note 2: Of course I am being silly. Read this.

And D is for Dogs of course! Do you even need to ask!!!!

I love dogs.

I can talk about dogs all day and when I go to bed, still dream about them and be happy.

My ideal day would be with a dog and a book.

I can own ten dogs and look after them without thinking it's too much.

A reason I want to have my own home is so I can get a dog.

I love dogs, did I tell you that?

This is Sasha, Max and Judy.

The live in my father's house in a land far far away and you can read all about them here.

And then go to a pound and adopt a puppy and name it after me.

That's all for now folks!

Have a good day.


  1. I love Dogs to.... I have one he is a pain..but he is my pain and I adore him.....

  2. he he. so coreectly said. it is so sweet of you to comment on every post... you're like my angel :)


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