Saturday, February 19, 2011

Confessions of Blogaholic

1. I sometimes spend whole days sitting in front of the compose page of this blog. Of course, I am looking through a zillion other pages at the same time and it is not like I have a writer's block or I run out of words. I just am always conscious of the fact that I need to write here. And I think about this blog about 50 times a day.

2. I feel a wee bit of jealousy when I am over at other blogs and I see the ginormous (gigantic + enormous! Like duh!) amount of comments and followers. For instance, look at Pioneer Woman. The other pioneer women read her. The desperate housewives read her. The milk men read her. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker read her. Hell, even I read her. Of course, she's funny and weird and sweet and easy to read and hilarious and adorable - all desirable traits for a blogger. But 500000000 fans? How!!! Maybe she makes all these different identities up with different personalities with different things to say but its all just her feeding into this diabolical plan to create a worldwide phenomenon. But like I said, I'm only a wee bit jealous.

3. Now that I have gotten that bit of ugliness out of my system, imagine a time when I am a really influential blogger, much like The Sartorialist, to whom Time Magazine has bestowed the title of one of the 'Top 100 Design Influencers'. (Don't smirk! It's perfectly plausible.) Imagine that I have scores and scores of readers across the seas. Across the galaxies even. There are tweens hanging on to my every word and teens hanging dying to be just like me. What then of my old posts? Are they going to remain unread? Will the new people read the old stuff? What happens to my brilliant thoughts up until now? Can I repost them at a later stage when I actually have people reading me? Because the words that precede... they deserve to be read! It would be tragic otherwise! Such a loss to the universal mindspace and collective consciousness of humanity!

4. Moving on, I would like to say that I am a closet blogger. No one who knows me in real life knows about my blog(other than Thom - but I don't think that counts. Thom and I - we are like one mind. Or we will be. When we get married. But that's a whole other story for a whole other post on a whole other day. Hell, I could even make a whole other blog and just write about Thom and me! It wouldn't be boring to say the least, and there is enough fodder to last years, with more on the way certainly.). But this blog remains anonymous otherwise because I love that it allows me to feel like Dr. Jekyll once in a while. I do get bored of being Mr. Hyde all the time you know and Dr. Jekyll is a nice diversion. This wouldn't work if my friends and family read my blog. But I wonder all the time what they would say when they do find out. Maybe they will stone me to death for keeping secrets. Maybe that is how I'll die. Maybe that is why I will be reborn as a Druggie. Because I've been stoned before! Ho ho!

5. And the award for the worst joker of the year goes to... Dizzy Lizzie... for 'crack'ing the aforesaid joke.


  1. LOL ...who is the bad guy by the way Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde I am confused now.

  2. Take a look at the semantics of the names and guess :)


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