Thursday, February 10, 2011

C for Candle

Here's for you to C, Tatterbean.... I mean, Rachel....

C for....

And C is also for 'Cheers to Tatterbean' this week. Coz chee has a chweet blog.


  1. oh my life... my children have been studying that bible verse in Sunday school for the last 4 weeks...wonderful picture ..and Im really love the fact your following along with the ABC's

  2. my pleasure! :) i hope you post more and more and more and more because i love reading :)

  3. I will be posting more and more... you also got a little shout out on my blog tonight :)

  4. oh yaaaay! :) did i tell you before that you rock? no? coz you do!!! :)thank you. it means more than you know!


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