Tuesday, February 22, 2011

E for Dizzy Lizzie

And now its time for my highlight of the week!

ABC Mondays at Tatter Beans'! (Or in my case, ABC Mondays on Tuesday!)

And we have progressed all the way to E now! (If you knew me, you would be very proud that I have managed to persist at something for four whole weeks! Just you wait and watch, you naysayers... as I go all the way to Z on ABC Mondays on Tuesday!)

And now its time for a little narcissism and self love because E is for.....Elizabeth! (That's me btw!)

This was an accidental shot. I was trying to shoot E for English Rose when I accidentally clicked the shutter release button. And this is what the camera caught. And I got so enamoured by myself that I forgot all about the English Rose. That's life, but here is the shot.

What's your E for the wEEk?


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