Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I just got back from the most therapeutic 3 day holiday with my best friend and her family. We celebrated her adorable baby boy's christening and her brother's engagement to a girl, all in a crazy, sleep deprived, eventful and task filled weekend.

In the past year, I have gone the length and breadth of this country and have met and traveled with practically all of my friends. But it amazes me how a harried weekend with a dog tired and possibly hormonal mother, her 3 month old child and her madcap family in their home in small town Kerala turned out to be more therapeutic, fulfilling and emotionally satisfying than all my other holidays in majestic locales and metropolitan cities doing everything and anything that pleased our whim and fancy. And I have reached home today, happier than I have on any of these trips.

It convinces me all over again that it is the people that you are with and the connection that you share with them that matter and make the difference. And some people are so special and divine sent that they complete you in a way that your heart is content and your soul stops longing. I'm just lucky that I have a few such people in my life, and possibly another....a wee babe named Keith. And I count myself lucky manifold.

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