Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ongoing list of places I need to go to before I kick the bucket

The following list is the distillation of the distillation of the distillation of the places I want to visit before I die.

Of course I want to roam through every inch of the length and breath of terra firma.

But these are the places that I absolutely absolutely must go to before I die!

These are the places, which if I don't go to, I will come back as a ghost and haunt.

This is also a communication with God. You hear me, right, God? You send me to these places before you take me, alright?

Now this list is ongoing. There is a self imposed mandate that I can add only three per week. This is because otherwise I know I will go overboard and add about 50 today, take off 25 tomorrow and add 40 the day after. The criticality of each addition in this list is therefore very high. But it must be noted that it is not arranged in any order of importance.

So here goes for the week of Jan 1st - 7th 2011

1. Library Way, New York
Library Way is a street in Manhattan that contains a collection of ninety-six bronze plaques quoting forty-five writers, embedded in the sidewalk.  Each one, selected from the works of an eclectic group that includes Marcus Aurelius, E.B. White, Willa Cather, Tom Stoppard and of course, Henry David Thoreau, includes artwork inspired by the text. 

41st St
(at Park Ave and 5th Ave)
New York, NY 10017
Neighborhoods: Murray Hill, Midtown East

2. Ladurée, Paris
Ladurée is the inventor of the ever loved macaron, the way we know it. And reputably, still makes the best.

21 Rue Bonaparte, Paris

 3. Hotel Sacher, Salzburg and Vienna
Of course, the inventor of one of my favourite desserts (Sacher Torte) would be on my list! I will go to Austria if only to go to Hotel Sacher. That's a vow.

Philharmonikerstraße 4
A-1010 Vienna

Schwarzstraße 5-7
5020 Salzburg

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