Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fuchsia for today

i've been melancholic all day today

and i wonder why on some days i wake up with such cheer

and go through it with gratitude and grace

while others are rife with visions of the past and words that haunt

and of things i wish was no more a reality than a bad dream.

days like today when the only time i feel a tug of joy

is when i shed a tear

and i am sentient of the purity of the moment

and of the sanctity of my emotions

as i smile ever so softly and wipe away the tear.

but then a sense of transience overtakes me

and i am back in my melancholy state.

if i could i would

do away with these days

but i don't have a time machine in my backyard

or a 'Control Z' key for life at my fingertips.

if i did i would just keep the tear then

and make do without the fear.

so i want to paint my grey blue world

a fuchsia today

and paint over all the blacks and browns

to take back on another fuchsia day

when i can be thankful for my patchwork self

of black and pink and blue.

be grateful for the lessons taught

and the wisdom i have gained.

but all i want today is balance

and that's my prayer for the rest of my days.

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