Friday, January 7, 2011


I do wish to wax eloquent about Kristi and her sweet (read a.w.e.s.o.m.e) blog, but I won't. Because that's all I seem to be doing these days about everything in the world. So I am about to post a photo here, which is in response to a prompt on her blog.

The story is that her friend Melissa and her post a diptych of their images every week, based on a particular prompt, and they ever so kindly invite everyone to join them. (Kristi even promises to check every single of the photo tagged. I would again tell you how adorable I think she is, but considering that I've already sent her 2 mails telling her precisely that, she might think that I'm in love with her and I wouldn't even blame her!) 

Melissa and her started doing this in July, and the ongoing prompt, for their 24th week, is 'your favorite image from 2010'.

So here is mine.

This is the thought process that occurred between me reading the prompt and trying to figure out an apt photograph, and finally choosing one.

'Favorite image from 2010' prompted 'essence of my life in 2010' which prompted 'the highs and lows and the striations in between' which prompted 'constant evolution and flux' which prompted 'the sky' which prompted 'the sky on Dec 31st nearing sunset that really made me think that everything is so vivid and unique and wonderful and how everything follows the same pattern' which prompted me to conclude 'my favourite moment in 2010 was when I felt that strand of connection with the whole' which prompted 'my favourite image in 2010 was that one'.

The photo might be badly sized and flouting all rules of photography. But that's just my point. That is me and you and the rest of this silly, strange and beautiful world - off center, mostly tilted and simply trying to make it through as gracefully as possible, with all the defective and ill fitting pieces intact.

And it really is as simple as that.

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