Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Steps

on some baby steps and baby breaths

welcome to my world baby
this is the way
to reality, i will take your tiny hands baby
in my calloused hands i will guide your little steps baby
to my own self made ways
look at my eyes and trust how i look at things
and places and people
come! come! come!
i will move a little farther so you will
move a little closer
i will leave a little space between us
that which
makes you feel the emptiness
i have
i had once that i myself was compelled to fill
there is this chasm now
that you have to jump in your clumsy ways
you will not fall or stumble
or if by your innocence and slower
something happens
i will always be there to catch you

come! come! come now
my baby! grow! grow some more!

Ric S. Batasa

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