Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diaz, here I come!

I've been going to the gym for the past couple of days and I'm in agony now, to say the least. To say that it hurts where I didn't know there where muscles or sinew would be an understatement. My forearms hurt! (I never knew that forearms could hurt after working out!)

I blame myself solely for this. It's a compulsive urge that I have that I need to do this every 6 months. And then stop. And then start again. And wake up to a fresh wave of pain! And persist and struggle and persist some more. And then stop!

This must be the 6th cycle; The 3rd this year, post my stint with dance (Baratnatyam to be precise) and then my month long yoga class in the hills. And now this. I cant believe it would still hurt so much!

All I have to say is that I better look like Cameron Diaz when I'm done. I better.

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