Friday, December 31, 2010

Best foot forward

I'd mentioned a couple of days ago that I had started working out again at the gym. It has a steam room and everything. (In Trivandrum, that's leaps and bounds ahead of the closest competitor, which I'm pretty sure is a modified garage.)

So I did 2 days of cardio and 1 day of weights and of course, as luck would have it, (I'm totally not being sarcastic here.) my knee gave up on me yet again and now I can't even walk properly, much less gym! Without exaggeration, walking entails me putting my right leg forward and dragging my left leg into position. What's funnier is that I can't keep my leg stick straight and neither can I fold it completely. So when I walk, my left knee has to remain considerably bent, which means that I'm not only limping and dragging my feet but also tilted to one side!

Now, I'm no stranger to people pointing and laughing at me. I'm princess of flops and falls, to put it lightly. But yesterday the point and laugh activity was at a whole new level. And I'm pleased to inform that everyone I met participated merrily.

Some people spread joy with their good will and largeheartedness. They are the ones who in their next life will be born as Nigella Lawson's grandchildren. I guess I'm the kind who spreads joy by allowing myself to be the butt of the joke. So logically, this implies more Karma points for me, right? All I ask for, is Nigella on one side and Jamie Oliver on the other as ancestors.

It's a pretty fair deal if you ask me.

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