Monday, December 27, 2010

2 of 1

Today I realized the a majority of the couples I've seen of late resemble each other. Not, that the man is effeminate or the girl, masculine; it's something about the structure of their face. Or some such thing.

I have heard it being said that often when you spend considerable time with someone, your mannerisms, expressions, gait and behaviour start to impinge on each other's territory and end up as resembling each other, but this is not what I'm talking about. The couple I'm talking about, whose wedding I went for today, hardly know each other. And I could see, from 100 feet away, an uncanny resemblance between them. Their faces were of the same shape and their smiles were carbon copies.

They say that soul mates resemble each other. Could it be that in an impulsive moment, God changed his own rules and thundered, "I'm sick of the burgeoning divorce rates and all the bad publicity I'm receiving because of it! Henceforth, 90% of couples who fall in love will be soul mates of each other!"? Or could it be that we are de-evolving and are all start to look like each other! OK. Maybe not! Or maybe I'm just good at identifying resemblances between faces! How 'bout that, huh?

My giftedness aside, I just wonder what it means that Thom and I look as different as day and night! What does that mean, big man up there? Huh?!!!!!!

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