Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

I think shoes are one of God's greatest gift to mankind. Ok. Shoemakers are the gift and the gift is to womankind. But think about it. It is the only item of clothing you could own that you could wear irrespective of the size you shrink or expand to. And the enormity of its implication boggles my mind! Permissibility for guilt free shopping! Why? You could possibly wear it for the rest of your life because you can't get too fat or thin to wear it. For such a privilege, it comes at such a low cost, and that to me is a sound investment!

Most shoes look good on everyone. Think about it. How many of us would actually have the gall to wear something modeled by a professional feeling absolutely secure that we look as good or even better! I couldn't say that about pants, shirts, dresses or skirts. But shoes are selfless little creatures that work unconditionally to make you look and feel better.

You could challenge me and tell me that jewelry would perform the same function. Diamonds are after all the girls best friend, but how many diamond necklaces could you afford anyway? Who really could go on a whim and buy some bling. And cheaper jewelry is hardly timeless and hence fails in the contest by default.

But a shoe! Imagine a pair of tan leather boots! If I did own one today, I reckon I would be wearing them 50 years later too. How bout some classic black stillettos. Or satin pumps. Or slut red strappy heels. Or pretty pink ballerinas.

I would happily only inherit these from my mother and I would gladly pass these on to posterity. Shoes are my legacy to the world. The protect my feet, make them look pretty and make me teary happy. And proud of having made a wise and learned choice on where to place my money. Shoes complete me!

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