Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heels over head

I love these shoes!

It's hard not to love anything that has been touched by Heidi Klum. But these shoes!!!! Drool-worthy!

 And these shoes!

If I had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life and the heels wouldn't kill me, I would probably choose these. Dainty and delicious. Just the way I like them ;)

They are Valentino and they are the find of The Cherry Blossom Girl. May God bless you dear child!

Omelle (pronounced /ähm' elle/. How chic!) is a 'luxury footwear with a distinct and imaginative voice'. I would gladly give my entire footwear collection for just these 6! Ok maybe not. But still! They are so beautiful!

These shoes really look like clothes for the feet. A button here, a ribbon there and a bit of wool of the ride. They have personality, character and comfort etched on them. And they're oh so pretty!

And when one of the founders got married, she wore Omelle shoes, obviously, and so did most of the female guests. The wedding was beautiful as are the shoes! 

See, these are the kind of friends I need to find.


  1. Shoes for men is such a boring subject..

  2. Speak for yourself. Do you wonder what Jimmy Choo would say to you if he heard that?


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