Saturday, October 30, 2010

Silence of the butterflies

I think butterflies are ominous looking minions of the devil himself. If their wings were faces, they would be grotesque - with hooded eyes and a gnarly mouth. Which other insect has such potential to elicit fear? And its no coincidence that Rorschach ink blots all look like butterflies. Even symbolically, its butterflies that are our demons.

And for a little trivia, read about the symbology of the insect as depicted in 'Silence of the lambs.'

Case closed.


  1. omg you don't like the new background? It's so vintage and understated! no?

    ok fine. its depressive and bland.

    ill change it to something else. this ones for you. coz you are one of my 2 readers!

    btw im totally clueless about blog etiquette. am i supposed to respond to your post here or on your blog, which i must say is so fun! i have a good laugh every time i read it. and more importantly, i love the stuff you post on!

  2. awww your too kind with your comments about my blog.
    kinda loving the new layout and yes the previous background was a tad bit depressing.
    also you're doing it just write,ur supposed to respond to comments on your posts on the same touche'.

  3. got it!:)

    bout the background, im sorry but in needs to be put to rest soon. kinda hard to read with it. but i promise. i will not change to something less deserving just coz i need to change it. Ive learnt my lesson.

  4. lol.
    you're telling me,black is not exactly the best colour to have as the background for your blog(or so i've heard).
    anyhow,u gotta do what u gotta i say, go change it.


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