Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ensual

1. I am an eternally curious person and there  are a lot of things I am passionate about and love engaging in or reading about.

2. These are as varied as chalk and cheese; cooking and soap making; psychology and photography.

3. This fact, combined with crazy twists of fate that made me quit my job to embark on a journey to "find my calling", the absence of an urgency to fend for myself and an innate sense of laziness is the reason I am where I am today and subsequently, spending my energies starting a blog.

4. Like I said, I am on a journey to find my calling and everyday I decide on a new one, about which I have absolute conviction.

5. I initially wanted to start a blog on my travels. The I pondered over a photo blog (which I incidentally also started a while back but more on that later) and following that a design blog and a cookery exploits blog.

6. Essentially, I would want to blog on all these things and additionally, also, rant to my hearts content when I want to. That of course is the superior, higher order purpose and benefit of free to air media vehicles such as blogs. To start many blogs would be exhausting. And more importantly, I would never be able to keep track of the passwords. Therefore I want a space where I can write about anything I want to, even if its on chalk and cheese. Or a bushel and a peck. 

6. This is the ensual. (Did I mention that I love coining new words? Ensual: /en-soo-uhl/ The  act or event that ensues or follows.)

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