Friday, October 29, 2010

Challenge Accepted

A month back, in response to me boasting about my dexterity in the kitchen, Thom challenged me to prove my mettle once and for all with a simple Mallu full course meal. Easy peasy right? Well, it actually was. And my love for cooking is reinforced every time I cook now. Good Food=Positive Reinforcement=Heightened Interest in Cooking. I guess this is after all Thom's sly ploy to get me to cook full course meals for him! But then again, who's complaining.

Today I treated my grandfather to brown rice, a beans side, a pumpkin, yam and raw banana curry with tempered coconut, veggies sauteed with coconut and curd, stir fried yams, chicken roast, banana chips and a chopped mango pickle. Ha Ha! Doesn't it sound awesomely exotic? Well its not. To God's Own Countrymen, this would translate to rice, beans thoran, erisseri, avial, chena mezhukkupurati, kozhi roast, ethakka varuthathu and kaduku manga.

Everyday fare. Easy peasy. But the beauty remains that the taste does not detract however many times you eat it. That I guess is the principle and pleasure of honestly good food. And I revelled in it in heaps today.

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  1. oh.. how I would give anything for that meal..on a plantain leaf..with some payasam to end it with..


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