Friday, October 22, 2010

I, the Chumbakian

Aren't these a tickle!

Chumbak is a collaboration of the brains and brawns of Shubhra, Aliie (yes, that's how it's spelt!) and Darth Vader (Apparently it really is him. In the flesh.) And as the name suggests, they started out to produce fridge magnets after Shubhra rightly realized that fun fridge magnets are not born in India. Thus started her quest and years later, she ended up founding her own company and naming it after its raison d'etre: Chumbak (meaning magnet).

I think Shubhra is pretty awesome. She had a dream, followed it and is persisting on it. I want to be that. Follower of a dream. That could be my epitaph. Or something a little more well written but you get my drift right?

Maybe it works because she had only one dream and a big dream at that. I have too many dreams so I don't know which one to follow. So you cant really blame me right? Right!

Anyways, Chumbak sells mugs, posters, tins, notebooks, coasters, keychains, postcards and a lot of other funky stuff that anyone would love to own.

I bought my dad their 'My perfect father' mug that describes his big heart and even bigger arms to perfection and he reciprocated by buying me an Aigner watch! These mugs are so awesome, they bring out they best in everyone!

I'm waiting with bated breath for them to come out with the whole set for the entire family. There are many more things that I covet. A laptop, a car, an iphone, a Chumbak 'My perfect daughter / sister / granddaughter / niece' mug....

Check out their web page. I'm sure you'll leave happier than you entered. You might be poorer of course but there's no price for happiness now, is there?


  1. i love ur writing style.
    and also the background!

  2. You're my first official blog reader! Thank you:)

  3. it really is a wonderful read. your writing flows beautifully and is very creative.


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